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The Best 3 Weeks of the Year

Camp Big Cedars is a place where youth of all ages can have fun, make lifelong friends, and experience the love of Jesus Christ in the great outdoors.

Senior Camp

AGES 13-18

Senior Camp is a place where teens can come and get away from the distractions and negative pressures they often face in this world. Senior campers develop a closer relationship with God and revive their passion for serving Jesus through solid Bible classes and powerful evening services.


Intermediate Camp

AGES 10-12

Intermediate campers have reached a major milestone in their lives - double digits! Well on their way to teenage years, these campers are beginning to enjoy some independence, and a week at Camp Big Cedars will provide fun, fellowship, and most importantly, faith building lessons to stick with them as they continue to grow.


Junior Camp

AGES 7-9

Junior Camp is the first camping experience for many children. For some, it’s their first time away from home. That’s why we strive to provide a fun, welcoming atmosphere where children can make new friends and learn to build their lives on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ.



SHEP is a servant leadership program offered during Intermediate Camp. The purpose: to train and equip future leaders for youth camp ministry.

     SHEP Program

"Camp Big Cedars is a life changing experience that I think all children and teens should experience. The camp curriculum and activities are designed to help the campers develop their relationships with Christ."

Parent & Former Camper

Cynthia Barrett-Luce

Camp Big Cedars is a life changing experience

If you're looking for a summer experience you'll never forget, then look no further. Let's go to camp!

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